July 17 2021

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I've got some Rixixi news and a general Chasmhome announcement - general Chasmhome announcement first!

I'm going to be incredibly sporadic in activity due to medical stuff from now until the first week of August. I'd like to still drop by and do what I can for at least the next week, especially because I get really bored when I'm not working on things! For the last week of July and first week of August, though, I likely won't be around much at all. The other admins may or may not be able to step in in my absence (we're all fairly busy but I don't want to speak for them!), but I just really wanted to give a heads up because it's a bit more serious than usual! Thanks for your understanding! Seriously though if you see me doing admin stuff from like July 30-August 3??, please ask me what I think I'm trying to do.


Rixixi News

The Phoenix Shrine has reached 100%.

Phoenix Updates 19 & 20:

  • The Shrine has changed. Something is wrong with the statue.
  • All changes to the shrine logged here.
  • All Lore unlocked - Side Content will still appear over time
  • 95 Cultists: All Deaths at the Phoenix Shrine grant 50% of the Sacrifice's Stats to the Rixixi Performing the Sacrifice. Bloodletting Dagger and Thoriane's Guardian Combo grant double stats. - This is to keep a reward active even though there are no further unlocks.
    • This will be coming after IHFY, and will feature Phoenix, along with other guardians! It's a followup to the Phoenix Lore in the current setting, and will unlock several things (shrines, subspecies, etc) over time! This is a Large Event instead of a Karma Event - Karma will not be active/will not be active through the entire event due to its length, parts of the story will be released at certain intervals of time along with new content, etc. I'm honestly still planning how it'll work but I have a lot of ideas for it!
Chrono Shards:

Link to Chrono calendar

I accidentally had no regular Chrono Shards active for July, so I did a couple of things:

  • Dragon Body extended through July
  • Random Past Date rolled for July 1, 2021 - October 5, 2021: July 1, 2018
    • Whoops, Time Travel
      July 1, 2021 - October 5, 2021 Charged Chrono Fogshard Pieces can add Cloak (nClk), Clownfish (nClw), Dapple (nDpl), Drakespines (+Drake), Dun (nDn), Eyespot (nEye), Frill (+Frll), Fringehead (+Fri), Hexagon (nHex), Iridescence (nIri), Kaurphyt Lines (nKph), Labyrinth (nLby), Leucism (+Leuc), Mandible Fangs (+X-Man), Poison Dart (nDart), Problems (+X-Prob), Ripple (nRip), Shell (+Shll), Skunk (nSku), Tendrils (X-Ten), Thunderstruck (nTnd), Ticking (nTk), or Whorl (+Whr)!


    • Whoops, Time Travel
      July 1, 2021 - October 5, 2021 Supercharged Chrono Fogshard Pieces can add Chameleon (nCham), Feathered Wings (+FtWing), Stained Glass (nSgl), or Ray (+Ray)!

Pride Month Wrapup

The Pride event recently closed! I'll very likely be able to do art while being mostly absent, so hopefully the group picture won't be too delayed by me having things going on! If it is, I'll give those of you in the group image a heads up. <:

I highly recommend using the group image for EXP/token redeems when it's done, it grants extra points! I might send out the B-NOM tokens personally, it's a bit unconventional but that way it's harder to forget them.

Bug Reports

We're trying to figure out a good place to put bug reports that doesn't require dA or discord - if you put your bug reports in Claims, they should be noticed fairly quickly, and we'll be able to sort them out for you! If you notice an error on the lorekeeper or nsk net, please feel free to drop it off in Claims!

I'll try to find some way to phrase this in the Nsk Net Nav, so if you don't see claims linked for bug reports at first, I'm just trying to figure out how to word things, haha.

And here's a small reminder about the polls in the last news!

The Last News

The Polls:

"Summer" 2021 Sale Timing | what do i do with this small bear

The Sale Timing is leaning heavily towards September (or either, which would lean towards September in this case |D), while there's several ideas going into Small Bear! I'm primarily looking for how to implement Primal Dwarfism's item usage with this, but other things that alter subspecies are helpful too - I just already know how it would work breeding-wise. c:


That's it for now! Sorry if things are slow for a bit, but I'll be trying to be around when I can! See you soon!

- Anarchisme



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