April 1 2024

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Happy April fool's chaos, today we are actually playing an april fool's prank, the four Rixixi uploaded today are humans


Manticores now have imports available! Being humans with extreme body mods and some gene splicing, some mutations are unavailable to them, and some have limitations, but they're still plenty moddable. Their head and facial hair are freely editable without items, along with their masks (masks being common in the Alchemy ring). They do need an item to breed with Rixixi, unless they're a starter - luckily, the Manticore Vat is cheap to craft at the Witchin' Kitchen, or to purchase at the Egg Shop or Event Shop!

Manticores will have an Illusionate-Glass Core, but I didn't have time to get it out right on launch, because I um. Kind of forgot they needed one until 5 hours ago. So that'll be coming soon, don't worry!

As always, there is an April Fools' event, and Chasm Eggs are floating about on 8 pages on Nsk Net! Go ahead and find them! If the items seem a bit underwhelming, it's because they're the crafting/purchasing cost for Manticore Vats, which are cheap! Though of course you don't have to spend it on that C:

More updates!

  • There is a Manticore Semicustom option in the Chasm Egg Shop!
  • Live Transmutation changes! The chance to roll a random number of markings and mutations dropped by 10% (down to 10%), and a 10% chance to combine into a Manticore was added!
  • New starter: Mercury - a human (: . As a starter, Mercury can breed with Rixixi without the need for a Manticore Vat. You can get Mercury slots through the Mask Up mini-event listed in the April Event page!
  • New NPCs: Cheshire's Coffee, Bouncer, and Baryonyx - humans (: This is the trio on the Live Transmutation banner!

Enjoy your gene spliced body modded human ARPG, I need to chill for a bit haha

- Anarchie



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