July 11 2021

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Got a bit of Rixixi news for you today!

Rixixi News


Barters will no longer swap every other week! Instead, they will change out at the start of the month, and stay out for a full month. The group is fairly small and the Every Other Week schedule seemed excessive and pressuring, and sometimes hard to keep up with on the admin end, haha. Y'all get more time to do them before they switch!

Changes other than the timing:

  • The current barters will be staying out until the end of the month!
  • Fang's Fogshard Barter will appear once per season instead of every other barter cycle. They'll appear in August this summer, but after that, they'll be appearing on the second month per season (October for fall, January for winter, April for spring, July for other summers)
  • Cat and Mjilikae and Myrk's Seasonal Sale will be appearing together at the end of each season/overlapping with the beginning of the next season (December, March, June, September) - both item barters will be appearing at the same time so that there's more room for other item barters to appear for the rest of the season.

I have a couple of "polls" up in Google Sheets! If you could drop by and give your opinion, it'd be helpful!

"Summer" 2021 Sale Timing:

"I was planning on having a semi sale in the summer, but I prefer to give around a month's notice, which would put it in August. The thing is, I'm having my wisdom teeth out at the end of July, and I might be absent at the start of August.

Would you prefer a semi sale in mid-August or early September? (Either one would last a month)"

what do i do with this small bear:

"I've had this base saved for a year and a half now without launching it because I don't know how to get it to work with our item-based game mechanics"

More detail in form

Okay, I think that's it for now! The next update might be a Phoenix Update - I've been working on the finale there. Might be something else first, though!

- Anarchisme



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