May 13 2024

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Hey, big thing going on here -

Rixixi News

(b-nom breedings are still open)

I am porting all genos to MYO slots! They will be linked on the breeding comment/live transmutation comment/etc for ease of finding where they've gone! THIS WILL TAKE A WHILE. Sorry in advance for the wait. When they're ported, Design Approval will reopen on this lorekeeper site, and breedings will open back up!

I know there is quite a backlog of designs and breedings - sorry about that, I was just having a hard time setting aside a good day for them! They will still be gotten to, they're still valid. However, if you are sent to corrections, it'll have to wait, corrections is Closed.

Sorry again for the wait, fingers crossed that this isn't too painful!


If you have a MYO geno uploaded to the site, you're allowed to design it and upload it to the site. Please feel free to ask if you're confused by the process, I don't have a page written up for it yet but it's the same method as B-NOMALIES. I normally would prefer everyone to be on equal footing but I want to sort of test some beta features that were added to MYOs and so this would help me out greatly if anyone is interested. No pressure though, only if you have one you want to upload.

- Anarchie



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