June 20 2024 - Summer Festival

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Wingbeats jostled the waves, sending droplets of water pounding up into the air. A dwarf primal flew over the foamy surf to the beach. Something followed them, a shadow in the water, small but quick. The dwarf primal touched down, bare feet padding along the rocky shore. Colorful stones and polished glass glistened, wet and shining in the sunlight. Aurri leapt out of the surf to stand beside the primal, shaking off water briefly before looking over the shore. The wave rider whistled.

"It's beautiful," Aurri said. "Look what you've found, huh, Bede?"

Bede kicked at the sand and nodded, unsure what to say in response. Curious, the small Ixi started picking through the colorful items, looking for rocks of interest. Aurri knelt down beside them, looking back and forth across the colorful shore.

"Need any help?" Aurri piped up.

"No, I've got it," Bede nodded. "If you want to stay and pick up some too, go ahead."

Aurri smiled, jogging a bit across the beach and plopping down to sift through some pink and red glass. Just wait until they showed everyone else. They would love it here.

SUMMER Changelog


Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not summer let me know!

If anyone needs an extension on Pride Month let me know
Also it was mentioned in the discord, so in case I forget to put it on the actual Pride Month page: yes you can use a starter/NPC for Pride Month. if you want their identity ask an admin we might know
Bede is bi this is how this came up

- Anarchie



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