June 1 2024 - Pride Month!

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It's Pride Month.

Pride month is back up at the usual page! (well, it never left, but the links are active again, haha)
You can head there to check out the details and join in on the group collab image that we do every year! All Chasmhome species are welcome, anyone with an import or even just a reference for the non-import species is all good! Ketixi and K-NOMS 100% allowed, crossovers 100% allowed, I know that was a question last year and yes as long as the other group allows crossovers you are A-OK to go!

Have fun if you join in, we're looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!

While the payouts for the prompt mainly benefit Rixixi and B-NOMALIES, we're currently trying to figure out prompts for Aex and bonuses for Aex. I genuinely don't know how pride month bonuses will play into this! Working on it! Just a heads up!


Quick update on the geno transfer to MYOs:

it is still going, I swear, there are just so many genos so it's taking a bit fdggh. But it's going. I'm in the earlier quarters of the breeding journal, then I'll move to additional geno sources, like the initial X-NOM crossover, euphoria threads, the new breeding prompts, semicustoms, and so on. so if it seems like i'm skipping some it might be in another journal... oops.

Anyways, have fun, see you soon!

- Anarchie



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