March 19 2024 - Spring Festival

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The dwarf Primal lounged in the field, rolling side to side in contentment. Flowers bloomed all around her, wafting sweet scents up into the air. The mix of sunlight and a fresh spring breeze brushed just right over her scaled nostrils, causing the small Primal to sneeze. The Rixixi sat upright, cleaning her face off, as a shadow encroached on her personal space. Another Rixixi stood over her, almost looming due to her diminuitive stature and the other's status as a walking tree.

"Hey, Serri, didn't see you there," Shasta mlemmed her paw and rubbed it against her face, cleaning a speck of dirt from a scaly eye ridge. "What's shakin'?"

Serritana chuckled, shaking her head. "I thought you were heading out here to collect and deliver flowers for me, but you seem to be lounging by yourself."

"Oh!" The dwarf said, as if finally remembering what she was doing. "Serri, baby, there's flowers all around, take a look! Look at these sweet little daisies, come here. Aren't they cute? And then these little violets, they're small, but it's a nice pop of color. You can get some flowers right here, I'm telling you!"

The wandering willow pulled back, laughing but clearly baffled at being tugged around like a toy. It was true, however. She thumbed a daisy. The wildflowers were plentiful, and growing all over. They would make a welcome addition to her bouquets.

Spring Changelog

  • This Winter's new starter is Shasta, for all your good vibes needs. She has three new genes:
  • New gene: Skink (nSki/SkiSki), or Boar+. Skink is also lines down the side of an Ixi, though these can be one to two (three if dominant) different base coats' colors, instead of lighter and darker than base coat colors. (suggested by pawstepsinthesnow , sort of)
  • New gene: Chain (nChn/ChnChn), inspired by chain catsharks, a series of connected geometric blobs, a little more irregular than the Hexagon gene. Spot genes like Inkblot, Cowspot, and Koi can fill in the entire interior of the Chain markings, no matter the original size requirements for the spot markings. (suggested by pawstepsinthesnow , sort of)
  • New Gene: Polydactyl (+PlyD). Technically this could have been a mut station edit, but we're expanding it to allow many thumbs, misplaced thumbs on the hand, and an optional back paw dewclaw on non-primal Rixixi.
  • There's a dA hub!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and flowers are truly in bloom. Massive flowers upon a twisting rack of antlers, miles tall. The Trophy is here.

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not fall let me know!

- Anarchie



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