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April 1 2024

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Happy April fool's chaos, today we are actually playing an april fool's prank, the four Rixixi uploaded today are humans


Manticores now have imports available! Being humans with extreme body mods and some gene splicing, some mutations are unavailable to them, and some have limitations, but they're still plenty moddable. Their head and facial hair are freely editable without items, along with their masks (masks being common in the Alchemy ring). They do need an item to breed with Rixixi, unless they're a starter - luckily, the Manticore Vat is cheap to craft at the Witchin' Kitchen, or to purchase at the Egg Shop or Event Shop!

Manticores will have an Illusionate-Glass Core, but I didn't have time to get it out right on launch, because I um. Kind of forgot they needed one until 5 hours ago. So that'll be coming soon, don't worry!

As always, there is an April Fools' event, and Chasm Eggs are floating about on 8 pages on Nsk Net! Go ahead and find them! If the items seem a bit underwhelming, it's because they're the crafting/purchasing cost for Manticore Vats, which are cheap! Though of course you don't have to spend it on that C:

More updates!

  • There is a Manticore Semicustom option in the Chasm Egg Shop!
  • Live Transmutation changes! The chance to roll a random number of markings and mutations dropped by 10% (down to 10%), and a 10% chance to combine into a Manticore was added!
  • New starter: Mercury - a human (: . As a starter, Mercury can breed with Rixixi without the need for a Manticore Vat. You can get Mercury slots through the Mask Up mini-event listed in the April Event page!
  • New NPCs: Cheshire's Coffee, Bouncer, and Baryonyx - humans (: This is the trio on the Live Transmutation banner!

Enjoy your gene spliced body modded human ARPG, I need to chill for a bit haha

- Anarchie

March 19 2024 - Spring Festival

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The dwarf Primal lounged in the field, rolling side to side in contentment. Flowers bloomed all around her, wafting sweet scents up into the air. The mix of sunlight and a fresh spring breeze brushed just right over her scaled nostrils, causing the small Primal to sneeze. The Rixixi sat upright, cleaning her face off, as a shadow encroached on her personal space. Another Rixixi stood over her, almost looming due to her diminuitive stature and the other's status as a walking tree.

"Hey, Serri, didn't see you there," Shasta mlemmed her paw and rubbed it against her face, cleaning a speck of dirt from a scaly eye ridge. "What's shakin'?"

Serritana chuckled, shaking her head. "I thought you were heading out here to collect and deliver flowers for me, but you seem to be lounging by yourself."

"Oh!" The dwarf said, as if finally remembering what she was doing. "Serri, baby, there's flowers all around, take a look! Look at these sweet little daisies, come here. Aren't they cute? And then these little violets, they're small, but it's a nice pop of color. You can get some flowers right here, I'm telling you!"

The wandering willow pulled back, laughing but clearly baffled at being tugged around like a toy. It was true, however. She thumbed a daisy. The wildflowers were plentiful, and growing all over. They would make a welcome addition to her bouquets.

Spring Changelog

  • This Winter's new starter is Shasta, for all your good vibes needs. She has three new genes:
  • New gene: Skink (nSki/SkiSki), or Boar+. Skink is also lines down the side of an Ixi, though these can be one to two (three if dominant) different base coats' colors, instead of lighter and darker than base coat colors. (suggested by pawstepsinthesnow , sort of)
  • New gene: Chain (nChn/ChnChn), inspired by chain catsharks, a series of connected geometric blobs, a little more irregular than the Hexagon gene. Spot genes like Inkblot, Cowspot, and Koi can fill in the entire interior of the Chain markings, no matter the original size requirements for the spot markings. (suggested by pawstepsinthesnow , sort of)
  • New Gene: Polydactyl (+PlyD). Technically this could have been a mut station edit, but we're expanding it to allow many thumbs, misplaced thumbs on the hand, and an optional back paw dewclaw on non-primal Rixixi.
  • There's a dA hub!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and flowers are truly in bloom. Massive flowers upon a twisting rack of antlers, miles tall. The Trophy is here.

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not fall let me know!

- Anarchie

February 29 2024

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Happy Leap Day! We have some things completely unrelated to leap day going on, coincidentally:

Multispecies news:

The Semi and MYO sale for Kitty has been extended a month due to additional vet costs. If you were missing anything, you've got more time to get it now!

Aexent can be part B-NOMALY now - you can declare B-NOMALY traits when posting your Aex to the upload prompt. Rixixi have... something... planned for the future, and haven't been included yet as a result.

That's it for now! See you soon!

- Anarchie

February 13 2024

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Rixixi News

Two new items have been released, for Valentines' Day:

"anar isn't this blatant kink content" yes. happy holidays

The Authorities have been updated as an example of how a shock collar works in an Ixi's description.

Also, aroaces, I see you, I know I'm being very kinky and romo this valentines' season. I've enabled TREAT FOR TRICK out of season because the real point of the holiday is discount candy, you feel me. I'm honestly mostly in it myself for pink content and candy. I just wanted to do this for a laugh V:

Okay I'm done, enjoy

Check out the Flash Sale if you have time and funds to spare!

- Anarchie

February 6 2024

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Rixixi News

Hey! I realized that I forgot something! (crowd booing)

No, but seriously, the annual Valentines' Day barter is up! You can get a starter slot through it! I've extended it for a week into march due to it not being announced at first. Go check it out if you like!


- Anarchie

December 21 2023 - Winter Festival

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A strange cold wind blew over the desert, preceding a shadow gliding over the dunes. Slow wingbeats thumped down through the sky as Chione made her way across the northern hemisphere of Sxriix, following in Enneriix's footsteps to bring winter - and what she had heard of winter was cold and white. Frosted crystals sprinkled down from the Dwarf Primal's wings, melting in midair before they reached the sand, but still baffling the creatures below and the air itself. Chione smiled and darted towards the nearby town. Surely they would be happy to see snow. Maybe some of them had never seen it before.

She stopped in midair against her will, something grasping at the nape of her neck. Wings fluttering like a hummingbird, arms going every which way, Chione twisted and wriggled until she could finally see... Enneriix itself, looking at her with a sigh plastered across its face. A deep voice rang out from the Ixi.

"Stop. Freezing. The desert."

Winter Changelog

  • This Winter's new starter is Chione, the uh, adorable ecological disaster... She has two new genes:
  • New gene: Glitz, a gene that makes glitter appear on the Ixi! We got permission from Ketucari to clone the Luster gene because I needed it for Ketixi and of course regular Ixi.
  • New gene: Stamped, for any simple shapes that Squared and Hexagon don't cover. (Suggested by @Kitsu and also pawstepsinthesnow )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and... something new is happening. The Quarantine Ring is leading a raid on all of the Couloir gigafauna, to take them down before they can strike. All previous raid bosses are available this raid season, and the raid points count starts at 10 - fogshards are immediately available. Happy Holidays!

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not fall let me know!

- Anarchie

December 5 2023

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Hey, we've got some fairly important Rixixi news (stuff you should really be aware of), and some regular news!

Rixixi News

Y'all may have noticed that design approval and breedings slowed, and breedings were briefly marked closed to Rixixi. I've unmarked them as closed, and I'm absolutely going to get to them before anything here happens, but they're going to close again in January, and here's what's up.

Due to dA making function far worse, genos are all going to be converted into MYOs, and design approvals are going to be run through lorekeeper at that point. This is going to happen sometime in January - I'm not sure on the exact date yet, we have to get a couple of functions worked into MYOs first because a couple of things are missing but it's only a couple. Breedings are involved in this because they generate more genos and I don't really know what to do about that, I'm fine with rolling the current ones but I don't want more to be made while I'm converting from geno to MYO, y'know?

This will probably take a while because there are a lot of genos. This is fine, I like tedious things, but it just might put a holdup on new designs. Please be aware of that! It'll also probably be kind of weird getting used to the lorekeeper design approval method if you haven't used it already. If you've put a B-NOM in, it's the same thing.

Design approval and breedings were slowed/temporarily closed because this was originally going to happen in November maybe (didn't reach an official decision in admin chat but it was my original plan), but didn't happen that way, and December is entirely too busy for me to work this in, so it's moved over to January and I'm giving y'all a heads up in case you want to get any designs in before then. (:

Multispecies news

The Semi and MYO sale is still open until January 5th! Check it out if you're interested!


Snowbunny Solstice is back because it's December! You can get a MYO B-NOMALY from this prompt, so be sure to check it out if you want one!

I uh, honestly feel like I'm forgetting something, so this news might be bumped later, but if I'm not, I'll catch you in the next one! Happy holidays!

- Anarchie

October 23 2023

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Multispecies News

Another Semi and MYO and More sale is coming up! This time it'll be November 5th through the end of January 5th! It would have started this month but I maybe forgot until halfway through the month, sorry;

Here's the last semi and myo sale if you want to see what'll be available!

Additionally, if you couldn't tell from the most recent B-NOMALY sale, Bunshifter: Fridge Parasite can now add the Misplaced Maws trait to the host! It's been a long time coming!

See you soon!

- Anarchisme

October 1 2023

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news time

B-Nomaly News

The Fridge Werebun prompt is open! If you want to get a Fridge Werewolf B-NOMALY, stop on by!

Multispecies News

We have two polls going! These were in the discord, so if they don't seem new, that's why, but if you haven't seen them yet, take a look!

Social Media Questions (especially tumblr)

Leg Hunting with Sapients?


Thanks for checking in! Catch you later with more!

- Anarchisme

September 28 2023 - Desolated Wrapup and Changelog

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After searching the Desolated World for its inhabitants, its true name was discovered - the Couloir - as well as the Eye's true identity. With this fading into the past as we speak, what's going to happen next?

  • The Couloir is now an explorable world! Check the Canon Worlds page for more information. If you have any leftover ideas or art that you didn't get to use for Desolated, please feel free to use them as Couloir explorations! They work basically the same, except you get less lore back now. You also no longer have to depict your Ixi in PPE, but if you do this, it's guaranteed that you'll get 2 levels of radiation poisoning. (There is an item to override this)
  • There is now a hazard warning for both the Couloir and the Leyline on the Canon Worlds page due to their ability to cause temp conditions by existing.
  • New items (these were all obtainable in Desolated) - Black Fruit, Black Root, Sand-Dusted Coin, Mymber & Couler Dolls, Discarded PPE, Meat Fruit, Anti-Rad PatchCouler, Mismi
  • New crafting recipe: Black Wood Armor
  • New kitchen recipe: Black Forest Black Forest Cake
  • The chasm-connected bestiary now lists Coulers, Couloir Gigafauna/Megafauna, and Ketixi (oops i forgot,)
  • The companions page has been updated to list all Couloir Gigafauna/Megafauna together.
  • Pages with fixed images: Crafting, Kitchen, Bestiary, Companions, Canon Worlds, all Common genes. (I know I said the genes were first but uh, I was there changing stuff anyways? V: genes are next.)

I'm off to roll the last of the Desolated rolls! I hope you enjoyed the lore!

I'll be making a lore page soon so people can actually... backread lore. It's coming soon, promise <:

- Anarchisme