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January 22 2023

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Some brief Multispecies news! Stuff about an upcoming sale, and a free B-NOMALY claim!


It's the year of the rabbit! Happy Lunar New Year! I don't want to profit on this celebration, so no adoptable, but I do want to give out some little tokens of appreciation to y'all for being in the community. c: I've set up a prompt that grants a silver token and an anarchic fogshard token, it'll be available until February! Go ahead and pick up your free bun stuff.

Multispecies news (sale)

The Early-In-The-Year Semi And MYO Sale will be taking place from May 5-July 5! It was originally going to take place from March-April, but Ketucari is holding a sale around then, and I don't want to compete. Hope you enjoy when it comes around! Here's the last sale if you want to review prices!

That's all for now! See you soon!

- Anarchisme

January 11 2023

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Rixixi News

The Fall Apparel for Dwarf Primals is out! Sorry for the delay, had some chaos. Winter Apparel next! c:

Also, there's now a Behind the Scenes for IHFY, containing some origin stories and things you might not have noticed! Check it out! (It has Grey's Anatomy and Silent Hill spoilers but it's fairly mild)

See you soon with more!

- Anarchisme

December 21 2022 - Winter Festival

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Winter Festival time!

Gigi slapped paint onto their canvas, watching the blues mix with whites. "Almost done... there!"
Not even waiting for the paint to dry, the dwarf primal snatched up the colorful piece in one hand, rushing through the snow with all four other paws. Their messy hands left a trail of blues and pinks in the snow, tracking where they'd been in CYMK. Quickly, they pattered up to
Enneriix's cave, knocking their horns all over the ice frosting over the entrance. The Southern Dragon huffed as it made its way into the light.
"What is it, little one- ah," It rumbled, squinting down at the painting that Gigi held up proudly.
It looked like a chicken wearing Enneriix's colors.
The southern dragon smiled, leaning down and patting Gigi on the head warmly and chuckling, flourishing its wings dramatically. "Another beautiful painting. I'll gladly take it as tribute."

Winter Changelog

  • This Winter's new starter is Gigi, the excitable artist dwarf primal! They have two new genes for us!
  • New gene: Noveau, colorful bold zigzagging patterns layered on top of each other (Suggested by pokeapache , just renamed)
  • New gene: Glaze, which makes a marking iridescent! (Suggested by pokeapache )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and another strange creature from the Couloir has appeared - the Snowman. This raid is slightly special due to the Holiday season - it starts at 10 points, meaning all entries will be at the Fogshard threshhold for prizes! Happy Holidays!
  • You may have noticed that Dwarf Primal fall items are not actually out yet. I'm really sorry about that! I was trying to get them out by today and got very distracted, and was aiming to get them out today, they're half done but I'm catsitting and the cats are very confused. I'll be chipping away at those and the Winter apparels over the next few days, cats permitting.
  • The Dwarf Primal mutation pack has gotten started, though - there's only a few muts in it, but it has begun!

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not winter please let me know!

- Anarchisme

December 10 2022

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Some Rixixi and B-NOMALY news!


Snowbunny Solstice was supposed to go live at the start of this month, but was never actually set back up to roll this year. oops

The time has been set up properly and it's been given an extra week as compensation, go check out that prompt, it gives a free B-NOM MYO if you do it!

Rixixi News

Dwarf Primals now have fur muts available! You can find links to them on this deviation or on their individual trait pages:

That's all for now! Winter stuff coming soon!

- Anarchisme

December 3 2022

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We've got a few bits of news around today!

First, some quick Multispecies news - the Semi/MYO Sale will be ending soon, on December 5th! If you have anything you still want to get, check that out!

Rixixi News

Due to a worrying ?glitch? on dA that temporarily disabled multiple links in comments (they're back now), more things have been moved to Nsk Net/Chasmhome.

  • All Story Modes are now on Nsk Net!
  • The Adoption Center has been fully ported to Chasmhome! A Getting Started page will be made eventually because this page needs more visibility on it, and so do some other things like the free gifts. I'm just not sure how to word a Getting Started page so I'll be consulting my fellow admins on how to do it.
  • The Use Items page will be ported soon, but I need to figure out what I'm doing with Free Parking/test raffles for it, figure out if B-NOMALIES need to be on the Use Items page or if Seraph's covers everything, and so on.
  • Design Approval is staying on dA on this time unless something breaks because I really don't want to port all genos into MYOs. that's uh that's genuinely the reason

I've honestly been meaning to do this for a while and this just kind of sped me up a bit v:


B-NOMALY sales are now conducted exclusively through the B-NOM sales thread and not on dA! Adoptable posts will go up on dA and Weasyl (if posted by Anar and not a guest artist, guest artists can post wherever) The S-OLSTICE B-NOMs for this year are starting to go up today, so keep an eye out for bunes!

That's it for now! Happy December, more coming soon!

- Anarchisme

October 30 2022

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It's the night before Halloween, and we have a little treat for you!

Rixixi News

A Euphoria wish was made for a Halloween treat for everyone! As a result, a Marshmallow, Hard Candy, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate have been distributed to all users! Enjoy the candy, and if you want more, the Treat for Trick barter is still open and accepting rocks!

Additionally, a Lucida wish caused an item to be released off the to-do list without item art! The Picnic Basket item (originally suggested by Lucifers-Law-Inc on dA) is a lootbox that drops food items that grant permanent stats! It'll drop 5 of them at a time. The Picnic Basket can be created through crafting! Usually crafting items have item art when they launch, but there was kind of nothing else to grant this wish better than the Picnic Basket, so uh, it launched early, haha.

Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

- Anarchisme

October 24 2022

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It's been available all month but since there was no notice until now, it'll now be available through all of November as well! Check out that prompt if you want a Bunshifter: Fridge Parasite item for an art entry!

That's all for now! See you with more soon!

- Anarchisme

October 12 2022

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There's some more food items in Rixixi, and a barter update!

Rixixi News

Several new food items have come out, some with item art! Some of these were launched because it's the season for trick or treating, some of these were submitted via the kitchen's Create feature! Regardless of whether they have item art or not, you can find them at the Kitchen! (Hard Candy is under Cook, the rest are under Combine!)

Also, the Treat for Trick item barter (currently active for this month!) has been updated to include Hard Candy and Marshmallows as payouts! Happy Trick-Or-Treating!

- Anarchisme

October 5 2022

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We have multispecies news and Rixixi news!

Multispecies news

The Semi Sale/MYO Sale is open!

The Rixixi semi-custom sale has been upgraded into a general Chasmhome sale, now with B-NOMALY MYOS, Customs, and items! Everything has also been somewhat lowered in price and some limits have been removed or altered, so it's a great time to check out what's changed if you weren't quite sure before! Sale proceeds go towards keeping the site up as usual!

The New Recruit is active due to a Rixixi semi sale being active!

In other news, Accented has been updated to cross over with Ketucari! Rixixi and B-NOMALY can now shift into (uploaded) Ketucari, and vice versa! Ketixi can freely use accented, and Rixixi, B-NOMALY, and Ketucari can shift into them! Ketixi can currently not shift into other Ketixi forms, we're discussing this so this may or may not change.

Rixixi News

We have several new food items due to pawstepsinthesnow spending some time in the Kitchen's create function! Check them out in the Kitchen sometime!

  • Ham Bone and Bean Soup (large recipe)
  • Honey-Glazed Tunneldrake Roast
  • Chili Con Carne (large recipe)
  • Sxriix'n Firebreather Chili (large recipe)
  • The Paintstripper (large recipe)


That's all for now! Coming soon: More Halloween B-NOMALIES! I was going to announce the first one, but it sold instantly. A few of those are happening this month too though.

- Anarchisme

September 27 2022

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Two quick things for today!


A Euphoria wish was granted that both altered the current Chrono shards and granted a Charged and Supercharged chrono to everyone! Here, I'll quote the relevant parts of the wish, but if you want to read the whole thing, it's right here!

3) Wish for anything at all: Everyone shall feel the Phoenix' influence and admire His greatness.


A new Chrono Shard listing has been added for Phoenix's Glory from September 27, 2022 - November 30, 2022. It can grant Groundbreaking (nGbk), Albinism (+Al), Bird Limbs (X-Bird), Dragon Body Type (+X-DrBdy), Phoenix Trails (+X-PhoeT), Sleipnir (+X-Slei), Wing Arms (+X-WingA), Sulfur (nSfr), OR Feathered Wings (+FtWing).

ALL MEMBERS ON-SITE have been granted one Charged and one Supercharged chrono shard for today (September 27, 2022)

If you're wondering where your new chrono shards came from and why, this is why! You can use or not use them, it's fine! Enjoy!

Multispecies news

As an additional piece of news - we have a semi sale coming up on October 5! This will have updates based on the survey that went out earlier this year! I might set up the sale post early to make sure everything is in there and all good, but it's October 5th specifically, and it'll last two months! The sale will go towards funding the site, as usual! c:

This is multispecies news and not just Rixixi news due to updates from the survey - y'all wanted B-NOMALY stuff!

See you soon with more, including Halloween B-NOMALIES!

- Anarchisme