January 24 2021

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Hey guys! This is a multispecies news post!

General Site News

You've probably noticed that the Lorekeeper has updated! I don't fully know what all the updates are right now! We've got comments installed as an add-on, so as we get used to that, we should be able to work that into prompts better. If you've got B-NOMALIES uploaded to the site, you can set separate gift art and gift writing permissions, and set a profile link - I've set these to the dA masterlist link for a default link, but if you have a toyhouse for your B-NOM or something, feel free to use that!

A couple quick things -

The lineages are a WIP, but we've got lineages in and being worked on, so that's neat!

The URLs did update for a couple of things, so some existing links broke. Most of what I've noticed is that prompts updated from chasmho.me/worlds/prompts to chasmho.me/prompts/prompts, so every existing prompt link I had around broke V: I've updated most of them but I probably missed some! Let me know if you bump into some.

Also, on a different topic and technically a different site - IHFY has a little hub on Nsk Net now, and the Rixixi chapters (Chapter 1 at least) should be launching in early February!

Rixixi News

We're almost definitely going to have a semicustom sale at the start of February (probably the 5th, running into early March) unless a bunch of you let me know that's a bad idea and to hold out for a bit! So like, if you need me to wait (or just to hold another one later too), please make yourself known! Here's the semicustom rules, and here's the last semicustom sale we held, if you need to reference them!

There have been some small updates around the site to accommodate an upcoming Karma Season. If you had Karma left over from HTBD, it's been sent to your account! The Karma Shop will be coming soon!

Also, as usual, barters have swapped! Fang and the Rock Collector are back!


Along with the B-NOMALY stuff at the top of the news here, more B-NOMALIES are being uploaded, and Doppelganger's guide has been made! It's kind of a WIP in the sense that I'm not totally happy with its wording and might touch it up, but I did manage to grab a bunch of examples with existing B-NOMALIES and 1 additional doodle. The uploads previously stopped at where Doppelganger was implemented, so now more B-NOMs can be uploaded soon! <:


A lot of stuff here is a WIP and going to need prodding at, but that's where we're at now! Semicustoms and IHFY soon! More B-NOM uploads! Lorekeeper updates with more updates soon! Yeah <:

- Anarchisme



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