October 5 2022

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We have multispecies news and Rixixi news!

Multispecies news

The Semi Sale/MYO Sale is open!

The Rixixi semi-custom sale has been upgraded into a general Chasmhome sale, now with B-NOMALY MYOS, Customs, and items! Everything has also been somewhat lowered in price and some limits have been removed or altered, so it's a great time to check out what's changed if you weren't quite sure before! Sale proceeds go towards keeping the site up as usual!

The New Recruit is active due to a Rixixi semi sale being active!

In other news, Accented has been updated to cross over with Ketucari! Rixixi and B-NOMALY can now shift into (uploaded) Ketucari, and vice versa! Ketixi can freely use accented, and Rixixi, B-NOMALY, and Ketucari can shift into them! Ketixi can currently not shift into other Ketixi forms, we're discussing this so this may or may not change.

Rixixi News

We have several new food items due to pawstepsinthesnow spending some time in the Kitchen's create function! Check them out in the Kitchen sometime!

  • Ham Bone and Bean Soup (large recipe)
  • Honey-Glazed Tunneldrake Roast
  • Chili Con Carne (large recipe)
  • Sxriix'n Firebreather Chili (large recipe)
  • The Paintstripper (large recipe)


That's all for now! Coming soon: More Halloween B-NOMALIES! I was going to announce the first one, but it sold instantly. A few of those are happening this month too though.

- Anarchisme



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