October 31 2021

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Happy Halloween! Here's some

Multispecies News

I'm Here For You

IHFY's intermission just launched! There was a separate post about it, over here! The intermission doesn't have its own prompt, it's just additional plot, but chapter 3 is fully written and hopefully will be coming out soon! Check it out!

Additionally -  the achievement hasn't launched yet, as I haven't had time to make the art, but completing an IHFY prompt, including Leyline-Connected, with both a B-NOMALY and a Rixixi in the piece, will grant a specific achievement for that Rixixi and B-NOMALY! This achievement, when released, will be granted retroactively!

Chasm Fae

Chasm fae are now available as an alternate form for both Rixixi and B-NOMALY! Chasm fae have lore courtesy of iiixkitsunexiii and pawstepsinthesnow, and this lore and the design guide can be found here! While the guide is currently mirrored on Nsk Net, the main link may be moved somewhere else when Kitsu and Sian have it up somewhere of their choosing!

Chasm Fae have specific design requirements and require a Faery Circle item (this can be crafted with Rixixi items or purchased in the B-NOM Labs shop) - read up on them in the guide to see what you'll need!

Several Rixixi starters are fae, and their true forms will be linked to them shortly!

Comments on imports

Comments are on imports now, and breeding/achievements comments have been added to all B-NOMALIES! The following will be happening as a result of this:

  • Breeding will be getting an overhaul to make it work better with Lorekeeper
  • Breeding comments from dA will still be honored!
  • Rixixi will be uploaded to the site soon!
  • Rixixi/B-NOMALY breeding will be possible soon!

Coming Soon:

  • IHFY Chapter 3, and the Leyline-Connected achievement
  • More Funerary, of course!
  • Rixixi on site
  • Breeding overhauls

Happy Halloween! Have a good Samhain!

- Anarchisme



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