October 22 2021

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Hey there! Today we have some

Multispecies News


Accented has been moved to Nsk Net and updated! It is also now open to B-NOMALIES as well as Rixixi! Bunshifter forms are now extremely open!

The rules on Aexented forms may be Rixixi-centric, as Accented was originally a Rixixi-only prompt. If you see anything specifying that Rixixi can do it, B-NOMALIES should still be able to do it, except for the rules on B-NOMALIES and Rixixi shifting into each other - those are still a bit specific. B-NOMALIES cannot shift into other B-NOMALIES with Accented, and Rixixi cannot shift into other Rixixi with Accented.

If you have a Rixixi with a B-NOMALY form, they should be properly linked soon!

B-NOM Sales post

Additionally, there's now a Chasmhome post for all B-NOMALIES currently available for sale! This post also acts as an orphanage - you can trade in B-NOMALIES that need a new home, and obtain tokens in return! Undesigned eggs are fine to trade in here!


Coming soon:

  • Still working on IHFY and Funerary stuff! Hoping to have a few things out around Halloween! <:

See you soon!

- Anarchisme



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