October 10 2021

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Apologies for this news being late, was dealing with an IRL crisis

B-NOMALY and Rixixi news!

Rixixi News

Mostly new items and "new" items here!

Funerary fall items have been up for a few days!

And two new food items have been harvested!


The Fridge Werebun prompt is active throughout October! Draw/write about your B-NOMALY as a Fridge Werewolf to get the Bunshifter: Fridge Parasite item! Due to this news being late, the prompt has been extended so that it goes a week into November!

While it's not time-limited, it's seasonally relevant - there's also a Trick or Treat prompt! Rixixi also has a separate (fall-only) Trick or Treat prompt that allows B-NOMALIES to enter, and it has been ruled legal to enter both of these prompts with the same piece if you're interested!

Lastly, there's some halloween adoptables going up! These will contain Rixixi traits that are being ported to B-NOMALY in anticipation of crossbreeding B-NOMS and Ixi! So far, Bloodstained Bun is up!


Coming Soon:

Things are a little hectic right now, so I don't have an ETA, but I'm hoping to really work more on IHFY this month!
Other than that, it's mostly the obvious Funerary Beta Updates and B-NOMs <: And of course that feature mentioned in a previous news post.

See you soon!

- Anarchisme



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