September 8 2021

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Suddenly, more news?

Rixixi News

Factions are now up in beta!

This is actually fairly major news! This is a feature I've been meaning to launch since the ARPG started!

To join a faction, your Rixixi has to have completed Main Quest Chapter 3! You can then head to the Join Faction prompt and pick your favorite! While you may want to read up on your choices a bit , as your Rixixi can only be in one faction at a time, you can change your faction - it costs 10 of your current faction's currency (this takes two tier 1 prompts or one tier 2 prompt to obtain). Additionally, factions are one per Rixixi, not one per user!

Factions currently grant:

  • Boons for your Rixixi! This may be an extra loot drop, companion slot, radiation resistance, etc! The main boon differs between your chosen faction!
  • The ability to obtain currency in Tier 1 faction barters, and the ability to partake in Tier 2 faction barters!
  • A shop for your faction, with slots, a new mechanix chip, and some useful items!

As mentioned above, there are new Mechanix chips available! They're specific to each Faction, and have similar boons to each faction!

Regarding the shops - While faction currency is nontransferrable, the only items in them that are nontransferrable are the loot drops. This is because the loot drops can contain faction currency. Everything else is tradeable, and slots will be marked as such - please feel free to buy slots and items for your friends if you want!

Loot drops contain a variety of thematic items intended to be useful, and they do have the chance to roll contraband. They are eligible for Lootbox Hero. As well as appearing in the shops, they show up in tier 2 faction barters.

Coming in the future:

  • Exclusive apparel for each faction! This may take the longest, as it has to be fitted to each subspecies!
  • More Boons! I almost had 2 boons for each planned, but some of them couldn't actually exist until post-IHFY...
  • More Shop Stock! The shops are a bit of a WIP right now! I just wanna add useful things to them. A couple more exclusive things may show up as well?

A thing I didn't want to bump off, and a thing I forgot:

September's Semi Sale is here! Just didn't want to lose that link or bump it off too soon!

Additionally, the item barters for September are Myrk's seasonal sale and Lunar's Cat and Mjilikae barter! Since these are favorites, I wanted to make note of it!

See y'all soon!

- Anarchisme



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