July 4 2021

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Some multispecies news today!

Multispecies News

The Pride Month event has been extended through July 15, 2021! If you've been wanting to participate but haven't had much time, I hope this helps a bit! This applies to the main event as well as the Pride Blend item barter!

You can now turn in Misc. Art pieces of any Chasm-Connected species at Kellas Cat Gifting Service for rolls! Check out the page for more details! While this does accept any species, this may not be very useful unless you participate in Rixixi and/or B-NOMALY, as the rolls utilize Rixixi items. You can opt for B-NOMALY currency!
Kellas Cat Gifting Service was originally suggested by iiixkitsunexiii!

If you're participating in Art Fight, please feel free to post your Chasm-Connected characters! If you're unsure what to link as a species reference, feel free to link to Chasmhome, a relevant dA group, or a Nsk Net species sheet - anything like that works. (:


There's a new prompt that's been added to the Prompt Library! Open Mic Night is themed around your B-NOM's own creative pursuits - sharing them, collaborating with other B-NOMs, etc!

This prompt originated from a verbal slipup I made when trying to explain Chasmhome to my family - I accidentally said that the characters could collab instead of the folks that owned them... it was a great mental image.

Rixixi News

Some updates to various pages/features:

  • Live Transmutation: Updates to Canon Creature Additional Genes:
    • Mymber: Major change due to the addition of the Mumbling gene: Previously +Tendrils (X-Ten)/Rows (X-Row)/Sleipnir (X-Slei), currently Inkblot (nIn)/Sable(nSb)+Mumbling (Mymb)
    • Tunneldrake: Added Drake Scales (+DrakScl)
    • Rooter: Added to the list. Cowspot (Cow)+Shell (Shll)/Tail Spike (Tspi)/Fanged (Fan)
    • B-NOMALY (B-CLASS): Added to the list. +Lop Ears (X-LopE) OR Perky Ears (X-PerkE)/Beak (Bek)/Bird Limbs (X-Bird)/Feathered Tail (X-FeaT) OR Bushy Tail (X-BushT) OR Whip Tail (X-WhipT)/Phoenix Trails (X-PhoeT)
      • (A note: Other B-NOMALIES unlikely to be added due to high degree of RNG that would be needed.)
  • Art Requirements Info: More info added, mainly on sizing and marking visibility.
  • Subspecies Genetics: Other Methods of Obtaining Subspecies added, lists things like items.

That should be it for now! Be back soon with more!

- Anarchisme



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