April 18 2021

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Got some Rixixi news going!

Mymber Festival Updates

Mymber Fest Hub!

The Scavenger Hunt is live! You can find Chasm Eggs hidden on certain pages on Nsk Net - all of the pages with eggs can be found directly linked on the Nsk Net Nav (specifically the Rixixi Hub!) You'll get 5 Chasm Eggs and a small secret bonus with each one you find, good luck!

The daily and weekly minigame is still live, and the Mymber Fest Hub also details some bonus tasks you can do for eggs! Check it out above!


Fang is back, but additionally, there's a special variant of the Lunar Barter out right now! IRL Lunar's birthday is on the 19th, and to celebrate, Lunar is accepting eggs (just regular eggs), and she'll give you Chasm Egg Shop items in exchange!

RXX Prompt Library

This is a bit of a WIP feature (I threw it together before an appointment recently), but I'm putting old event prompts up in a prompt library similar to the B-NOMALY prompt library! They'll mostly grant seasonal currency (I might grant some items like the B-NOMALY special prompts, but mostly seasonal currency for these)

I'm prioritizing favorites right now, and so the only one up is Cat Country: Meme Share. Please feel free to suggest your favorite past event prompts - in the discord suggestions or in the comments here maybe?

Bug Fixes etc

  • Nsk Net Nav now links to the correct Karma Shop and has a Current Events section at the top!
  • Chronos and Genetics now up to date
  • Crafting and Kitchen now states the proper limit of 5 total crafted items per prompt (to avoid lorekeeper scrambling items)
  • Leyline (+Ley) properly mirrors the B-NOMALY trait's rules!
  • Combat has been moved to a prompt rather than working through claims
  • Anarchisme now has vitamin D

Apologies on the delay on IHFY, I keep having IRL medical issues (yeah the vitamin D bug patch is actually not just a joke addition there lol) and it's really slowing me down but it's being chipped away at!

Have fun, good luck with the scavenger hunt!

- Anarchisme



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