March 20 2021

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Hey, guys! I've got some B-NOMALY news as well as the Spring Festival in Rixixi for you!

Rixixi News

"Thanks for having me work with you," The tall, serpentine Ixi grinned down at Aezaia.
Aezaia  wasn't used to anyone peering down at her from any height. The primal tried to shake it off and smile back. "Hey, no problem - I dig your colorful flower arrangements, folks are gonna love 'em. There's just one thing."
"Oh." The Ixi's face fell. They had a lot of face to fall. "What's that?"
"Please stop putting the Chasm in the water," That sure was a sentence. From the look on the other Ixi's face, they were either thinking the same, or they didn't get what she meant.
"The what?"
Oh, right. They were a hybrid. Grew up in the Labs. Sometimes they called it that, but what was the other one? Aezaia tapped her claw against her chin. "The Vat, is that the right word? Sometimes folks' deliveries just like, walk away into the void before they get there."
A look somewhere between embarassment and relief covered the hybrid's face. "You got it, pal. I thought I was just giving 'em fun colors."

As Aezaia turned away, she could swear she saw the hybrid start diluting the strange Chasm-slime that covered their paws. She didn't feel like asking, she just chuckled to herself. A mad scientist artist would be interesting to work with.

Spring Changelog

  • This spring's new starter is Aechor! They've got the long-awaited Dragon Body Type mutation! It's finally here. Aechor is also half-B-NOMALY, which won't have any effect on gameplay but is intended as a hint towards upcoming features - except right before Aechor was released, the feature was incidentally suggested in the discord. B-NOMS and Rixixi will be breedable soon, confirmed
  • There's a hub to mirror this stuff on dA!
  • As mentioned above, Aechor has Dragon Body Type (X-DrBdy), an uncommon RXX-Nomaly Mutation! This will be appearing in Chrono Shards from March 20, 2021 until June 30, 2021. I'll be posting things re: Dragon Body Type for a bit after this news is posted - its bases will be up in just a bit, its design guide should already be up, and it may be added to the height chart later if all goes well.
  • Dragon Body Type will be getting design packs for face mutations (all subspecies) and tail mutations (standard and domestic) - until then, it will not cost a Mutation Station to edit these mutations (except for tail muts on primal), even if they're fully customized. I'm hoping to get at least some of these out in April because there may be something new then?
  • As previously mentioned, there aren't new seasonal items this year to make time for more updates. As a result, all past spring items are available in the Event prompts - there's a selection of three in Bunnies. and A Garden Get-Together, and Winter Radiation is available as a bonus prompt in Wandering Willow.
  • Leyline-Connected: Chipper And The Harbinger has been moved to the B-NOMALY prompts library, and its Rixixi currency has been swapped to spring. It's still active, and will remain active.

Also, Barters

Myrk's seasonal deal and Cat and Mjilikae will be cycling in with the usual barter swap tonight, as I forgot to swap Cat and Mjilikae in before the season changed.


Seraph's Styling Station

Seraph's Styling Station has been fully updated! All of its information is on Nsk Net, and design approvals are done through Chasmhome! Initially, the update was meant to make Seraph's much less confusing, but now I'm fairly certain that everything can be handled through the Lorekeeper design approvals setup in one way or another. If I've missed something, please feel free to let me know!

If you had a Bred B-NOMALY, it should be uploaded as an "Egg" MYO with all of its traits and information! Please use this to submit it/trade it/whatever you want to do with it! This makes it easier for us to handle the design approval steps of bred B-NOMS.

Breeding Plans?

As mentioned above in the Rixixi section, it's very likely that Rixixi and B-NOMALIES will be able to be freely bred together soon! (read: when I have the time to write up info) I may have to fix up the info on breeding in general now that eggs are going to the Lorekeeper - there's some other positive tweaks I was meaning to do (breeding with NPCs). Currently, breeding is still done as usual on the dA journal, and when the updates are done, the dA journal may still be used for comments - expect updates, though!

Multispecies News

All B-NOMALIES, Aexent, and Chasm Horsemen have been uploaded to the masterlist! We'll still need some testing and possibly some tweaks to things before we can upload Rixixi.

Aexent now properly have their subtype listed! Very few people have Aexent but this really wasn't a hard thing to do so why not


I think that's it - have fun, I'm gonna post dragon body stuff <:

- Anarchisme



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