November 13 2020

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by Anarchie

A couple of misc. announcements for Rixixi!


The Euphoria Rules have been moved to Nsk Net! A couple of things were reworded for clarity, but also, the restriction on genos that you already have has been entirely removed from Something You Do Not Have wishes because it was unrealistic to track it. I have no idea what genos everyone has.
There's also a new short section on rerolls in the geno tab!

The Primal Antler Mod has been requested and planned for a while, I just kept forgetting until now. Sorry about that! It's available now!

All imports should have the Conditions: section added to them now - sorry for the delay on this as well, I was having issues with doing this until Eclipse added pagination back |D If you have a Rixixi without Conditions: under their stats, that is an error at this point please feel free to report it.

See you soon with more updates!

- Anarchisme



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