August 8 2021

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Hey there! Got some mostly Aexent news right now:

Multispecies NEws

All Aex Types Released

The Aexent info has been completed! All subspecies are now open to the public, and some additional lore on Aexent-adjacent shapeshifters are there as well. To make it easier to submit an Aex OC, a new prompt has been created (as utilizing the design approval function on Lorekeeper requires a MYO slot or an existing character).  Aex and Chasm Horsemen can both be submitted through this prompt, as they're both semi-open species without traits and fairly open-ended designs. You can still ask anything when designing them/before designing them! I love seeing character WIPs and talking about design ideas.

The old Aexent Deviantart Masterlist will no longer be updated due to being more difficult to maintain (extra dA logins and all). It'll be left up because I don't have any reason to shut it down, and its about now links to the Aex Info, Chasmhome Aex List, and the new prompt.

Please do not be intimidated by my like, 16 Aex if you're planning on sending in a design, I've had these for years lol.

Upcoming Things:

I have a few Rixixi things half-finished that I'm working on getting to a more finished state before sending out, but are finished enough to preview a bit.

Funerary Mutations Preview:

Funerary mutation packs will likely be uploaded in a WIP state rather than a full pack of mutations at once and will be updated when more mutations are added to them. I want to add a few more before this one is released.

Upcoming NPC: Nemo

Nemo was fired from AexLabs due to poor lab safety and general chaos. He developed the Notion species of Aexent while on his way out of AexLabs and currently works on them independently. He'll likely show up in an upcoming event.

See you soon with those updates and likely some more!

- Anarchisme



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