June 21 2023 - Summer Festival

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The clean water washed through Mina's gills, pulling oxygen into their vents. They blinked sand out of their eyes as they neared a sunken chest. It was pristine, almost too much so. Like it had been set up here as a message. Pondering, but excited, the dwarf primal popped out a claw, reaching the hooked nail in to press on cylinders and tumblers. Slowly, they tapped their way in, and the chest creaked open, releasing a flood of bubbles and loose coins upward.

Mina's heart pounded. They had never seen insignias like this on coins. Was it from a civilization long past? They took one in their mouth as the metal scattered around them, their tail smacking through the chest and knocking coins asunder, and rushed to the surface.

"Aurri!" Mina cried as they surfaced, warm air rushing into their vents unhindered by water.

The red Rixixi, lounging on their back in the water, turned to face the treasure hunter. "To face" was an inaccuracy - they simply spun around and turned their head upside down, barely keeping their eyes above water. Aurri gave a grin as Mina paddled forward, placing the coin on their chest.

"You're from ancient times. Who made this?"


Summer Changelog

  • This Spring's new starter is Mina, the treasure hunting diver! They have three new genes for us!
  • New gene: Cenote, it's water skypunch. Can we get fire skypunch? I don't have a name for it. (Suggested by iiixkitsunexiii )
  • New gene: Boar, based on stripes in baby wild pigs! (Suggested by CosmicShenanigans , originally called Tapir in suggestions)
  • New gene: Sprinkles, an any-color Ticking (Suggested by pokeapache )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and another strange creature from the Couloir has appeared - the Bombardier. We've got a dragon on our hands.

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not summer let me know!

As a reminder, there's a Semi and MYO sale going on! Funds go to keeping Chasmho.me running!

There is an event coming up fairly soon.

- Anarchisme



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