May 25 2021

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Rixixi stuff!

Rixixi News

Exploring and Kellas Cats have been moved from dA to the Lorekeeper/Nsk Net! All Explorations and Kellas Cats still on dA will be rolled shortly!

Exploring's info page is on Nsk Net now! Prompts are submitted over here. Nothing about the roller has changed, it's just the info and prompt submission location. The info page for exploring might look a bit short - this is because the items are listed on the Canon Worlds page!

Kellas Cats are also rolled on Chasmhome now - the prompt is over here! All instances of its companion info should link to that now.

Hunting and Mining will be moved to the Lorekeeper in the future - they don't have their own info pages yet, and that's the only thing holding it up!


That's all for now - I'm hoping to release IHFY Chapter 2 around the start of June, I'm really sorry for the IRL stuff delaying that!

- Anarchisme



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