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If your Rixixi has a Kellas Cat, drop them off here to explore! (Once a week per cat; Maximum of 3 cats per week)


Companion Ability:

Kellas Cat: This companion adds a bonus +50 to Attack to its companion Rixixi in Hunting and Combat (OVERRIDES Radiation Sickness if present!), and may go out on adventures on its own - check in with your cat to see if it's brought anything interesting home. (Use this secondary ability in the Kellas Cat prompt to activate, and link the Rixixi with this companion. This ability can be activated once a week per Kellas Cat, and up to 3 times a week per user.)

Send out your cats here! They'll come back with a random roll - it's similar to Chasmjumping, so they may or may not find currency. If they find another Kellas Cat, their attached Rixixi will get the Why Are There Two Of You? achievement!


No rewards.
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