February 21 2021

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Multispecies news post!

Chasmhome News

Aexent and Chasm Horsemen are now being added to the Chasmho.me masterlist! As they have their own masterlists (Aexent) (Chasm Horsemen), it seemed like a good idea. All Aexent are on the site, and Chasm Horsemen are being uploaded. If a B-NOMALY has a Chasm Horseman form, both characters will be uploaded separately and link to each other.

The Aex info on nsk net is currently under construction, but Viles and Dawn have their full info hosted there! More Aex subspecies will have their info hosted on nsk net soon.

Both Aex and Chasm Horsemen are semi-open species and don't have traits so much as typical characteristics and lore - if you're interested in making one, check out their info and run your design by me (Anar) and I'll make sure they make sense with canon + pop them on the masterlist if all is good!

Rixixi News

Phoenix Update 15 is out! We've got more lore for you, and more items!

  • Ancient Coin - Single use item that blocks Cursed (cheap to craft due to being a single use temporary condition block)
  • Forged Death Certificate - Contraband but a more permanent Cursed blocker. It's an item that marks your living Rixixi as a ghost, much like the Leyline Mymber or Leyline Barghest (which are also Cursed blockers)

Barters will be cycling as usual in an hour or so! This news is a bit early because I didn't want to forget anything. While the new barters won't be specifically Karma-themed, all barters will grant 1 Positive Karma per Rixixi per day as long as a Rixixi is linked in the comment!

Some reminders for the stuff currently going on!

Valentines' barter!  (This will run through March 1st 2021 and end at the first second of March 2nd - Chasmho.me runs on UTC and this barter auto-ends so I gave it an extra day to account for timezones)
The extra breeding slot granted by this will now carry over to the next month(s) until used so you don't have to rush your breedings!

Semi Sale | dA journal - if this has low turnout, it'll show up again most likely in the summer, please feel free to suggest ideal dates based on your own availability if you're not available now but are interested!

That should be everything! See you soon with more stuff, let me know if I forgot something haha.

- Anarchisme



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