February 2 2021

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Mostly Rixixi news here! Just a reminder of a couple things coming up and a heads up that there's a special barter this month! c:

Rixixi News

There's a Valentines' Day barter up for the duration of February! Draw/write about some Ixi together to get a starter slot of your choice and an extra breeding for the month!

Also, as a reminder, Semi-customs will be coming up on February 5th! Here's the semicustom rules, and here's the last semicustom sale we held, if you need to reference them! It'll last for around a month, and we might have a sale in the summer too (probably if there's low turnout). Funds are first and foremost going to funding the site, and if we have extra, it'll go towards the group in some way!

I'm Here For You Chapter 1 is coming probably around the same day - I don't want to give a definite ETA in case something comes up, but it's close enough to ready that it'll be around there!

See you on the 5th!

- Anarchisme



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