October 18 2020

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Got a combination of B-NOMALY and Rixixi updates, mostly stuff being transferred off dA!


Chasmho.me Traits List

B-NOMALY traits are being transferred to Chasmhome, and B-CLASS traits have been transferred to the traits list! More updates to this soon!

Navigation Page

The Nsk Net Navigation Page has been updated to have a B-NOMALY tab! The dA page for B-NOMALY is still about the same because most of the links came from it, but seeing as there's a Nsk Net Nav link at the top of the Lorekeeper, it really needed this v:

(there's also a WIP tab for other chasm-connected species)

Rixixi News

Canon Worlds 2.0

Canon Worlds has been moved to Nsk Net! Most of it is copied from the original journal, but there's a few previews of planned features there, including sub-location pages (currently only a Nether Steps page), a few extra listed shrines that haven't been released yet, and information on an unreleased but planned location.

Chasm-Connected Bestiary

The Chasm-Connected Bestiary has been updated to include a couple of canon creatures that only exist in items (the Vyldes Shovelnose + Sanguine Snare) and also the Kyaine, which I forgot to add apparently??


There's today's updates! Enjoy!

- Anarchisme



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