Chasm Egg Shop

Chasm Egg Shop


While the Chasm Egg Shop originated as part of an "April Fools" event, none of the items/slots you can obtain here are fake, and none will be revoked post-event. The purpose of our April Fools events is to introduce strange mechanics (strange mechanix?) and have fun with them. (:


For starter slots, usese THIS PROMPT - instructions are in the details! (Fill in anything in the URL)

For anything else (items, etc) submit a claim (put anything as the URL), list what item you're purchasing from this list in the comments, and put your Chasm Eggs in add-ons!
If the item you're claiming has something custom about it (eg. Pet Treat++ requiring you select a companion), list that in the comments!

5x Chasm Eggs:

Starter Slots: Adoption center-available
(Kashe RXX-001, Sezzeqh RXX-002, Torte RXX-003, Loyal RXX-004, Zhaya RXX-005, Fang RXX-006, The Rock Collector RXX-257, Black Rabbit RXX-311, Hardin RXX-312, Aulik RXX-011, Drazzoth RXX-085, Old Dog RXX-124, Raiiax RXX-125, Glider RXX-137Xerrin RXX-138Parker RXX-213, Capricorn RXX-343, Dust Stormer RXX-344)

Pet Treat+: Any Companion (Does not include Event Exclusive companions).

10x Chasm Eggs:

Starter Slots: Starters with a special method to obtain their slots and Mechanix
(The Authorities RXX-076, Corona RXX-077, The Pig Farmer RXX-416, Thoriane RXX-418, Chii RXX-479, Whiterabbit.ixi RXX-480, JimBot RXX-481, Emergency RXX-603)

Pet Treat++: Any Event-Exclusive Companion - Limit 1 Per User (limit resets yearly)

Companion Voucher: Hold onto this and trade it in for a companion released on a future date! Limit 1 Per User (limit resets yearly)

1x Mechanix Base OR Mechanix Base: Guard, 1x Mechanix Pelt, 1x Mechanix Chip - Choose any Crafting, Choose any Scientific Analysis, OR RNG roll of any Breeding Exclusive. Please state choice of Classic or Guard base.
List of all Mechanix Chips here! You can have a RNG-Rolled Crafting/Sci Analysis if you want.


15x Chasm Eggs:

Starter Slots: Special starters and Seasonal starters
(Rahkarrik RXX-036, Winterlily RXX-044, Bird RXX-080Kesselva RXX-081, FRIED MEME RXX-086, Roy G Biv RXX-184, Bumburra RXX-206, Typhoon RXX-207, Mesmerize RXX-239, Aezaezekaz RXX-266, Calavera RXX-267, Qaeturna Un RXX-290, Rebel RXX-291, Aahtar Korid RXX-300, Mason RXX-315, Laouto RXX-360Mumble RXX-399, Pixie RXX-431, Peppermint RXX-446, Marble RXX-447, Rhedd RXX-456, Tybalt RXX-457, Gimmick RXX-458, Knave RXX-459, Thorntail RXX-460, Patsy RXX-461, Shep RXX-463, Gryphon RXX-475, Mischief RXX-476, Bambiz RXX-499, Sauttun RXX-500, Haize RXX-528, Ley River RXX-528, Harbinger of the Funeral Pyre RXX-540, Aechor RXX-547, Anayahar RXX-551, Latrodectus RXX-557, Aurora RXX-565, Little Moss RXX-566, Zai RXX-567, The Lanternlighter RXX-580, Migration RXX-595, Gigi RXX-598, Prairie RXX-602, Mina RXX-606 Ekin RXX-618 Chione RXX-619 Shasta RXX-625)

Special Apparel Pack: When choosing an apparel or accessory for this pack, simply make sure that the item refers to it as the right type of item (that is, apparel or accessory).
1x Tail Bags, 1x any Seasonal Accessory, 1x any Seasonal Apparel, 1x any Seasonal Radiation Apparel, 1x any Seasonal Special Background

20x Chasm Eggs:

Starter Slots: Special starters (dom gene)
(Lunar RXX-007, Junia MonsterTruck RXX-008, Precious RXX-009, Yah Racha RXX-010, Enneriix RXX-052, Serritana RXX-082Aurri RXX-208Uuner RXX-268, Ruun RXX-316, Aezaia RXX-361IA CACH AZ-OKH/IA AEHT/HARK IX'X IMRIRI RXX-400The Pumpkin King RXX-432, Luminol RXX-462)

Breeding-Exclusive Mechanix Chip  Limit 1 Per User (limit resets yearly)
Choose 1, no RNG.
List of all Mechanix Chips here!

DIY Kit with randomized dates on all chrono fogshard piecesLimit 1 Per User (limit resets yearly)

50x Chasm Eggs:

Manticore Semicustom. (Base Semicustom with subspecies locked to Manticore. 4 Common Markings, 2 Uncommon Markings, 2 Mutations. You do not need to to specify markings/mutations on claim.)