Karma Shop

Karma Shop

Redeem your accumulated Karma here for various prizes! New items will cycle into this shop at the end of a Karma Season! (Old items will not cycle out!)

Redeem your Karma Milestones and Retroactive Karma at the Karma Redeems prompt here!

The following items require manual purchases due to being a slot/semicustom/import or due to the item needing notes added on. You can purchase them at Karma Redeems!

1 Charged Fogshard Piece - Chrono, dated November 1 2019: 1 Karma

1 Supercharged Fogshard Piece - Chrono, dated November 1 2019: 5 Karma

1 slot to ANY Primal or Funerary Rixixi starter: 50 Karma

1 Mymber House (IHFY House or Leyhouse): 70 Karma

One Semi-Custom (Subspecies Allowed, 4 Common Markings, 2 Uncommon Markings, 2 Mutations): 100 Karma
One purchase per user - Karma Milestones redeems do not count against this.

RXX: Usable
Primal Warscythe
Cost: 40 Karma (User)
War's Armor
Cost: 40 Karma (User)
RXX: Companion
Cost: 40 Karma (User)
Cost: 40 Karma (User)