April 1 2023 - April Fool's/Robot Uprising II

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Hey, it's... technically an hour until April but I didn't want to lose my stuff so I sent the April Fool's update early!

Rixixi News

The Authorities have invited Mesmerize and FRIED MEME to check out something new and special! It's a new subtype of Mechanix, the Guards! Read more at the hub!

I've actually wanted to release these since the first Robot Uprising so it's exciting to have them out now!

The event has the usual scavenger hunt, a prompt, and some bonus eggs if you do a couple specific things in April! Check it out! There's also a raffle, with tickets hidden somewhere (it's a couple of the eggs). The raffle is for The Fool, a tarot-themed Guard:

You can get up to two tickets for the raffle!

Guards have a different base than regular Mechanix but can otherwise be crafted normally, with a pelt and a chip (chip actually optional, if you don't use a chip you get the Guard Dog chip skill for free). The base can be obtained through Crafting, Scientific Analysis, and the Chasm Egg Shop!

OH ALSO - The Dwarf Primal Illusionate-Glass Core is finally up! It's in the Chasm Egg shop and the Karma shop! Enjoy your small alt forms!

Enjoy your robots, and happy April Fool's day! I hope it has normal and pleasant surprises and not anything frustrating for you!

As a reminder, Anarchisme will be undergoing top surgery on April 5th and so some things will be temporarily slow after that point. No clue how long recovery will be but Anar will probably be bored without rolling things.

- Anarchisme



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