March 20 2023 - Spring Festival

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A figure stalked through the grasses. Small enough to stay low in the tall stalks, the hunter made their way towards the noise ahead of them. The clamor, the din. They didn't know what lay in store for them. They didn't know what watched them in the shadows beneath the trees. Slowly, the beast dodged twigs and dead leaves, debris left over from the autumn past. Slowly, they sought their target. Quickly, they pounced.

"Prairie!" Serritana's voice rang out. "No! Absolutely not! Get down!"

The Dwarf Primal, called out by name, sat innocently on the flower-seller's shelves, a bouquet stowed neatly in their mouth.. The Wandering Willow stood, tapping her foot, pointing at the stall firmly. Clearly she wanted it back, and they had been caught. The mighty hunter opened their mouth unceremoniously, dropping the flowers back to the stall, before slinking off without a word, looking over their shoulder again at the colorful display.

They would be back.


Spring Changelog

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not winter please let me know!

THIS MAY BE AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UPCOMING ROLLS: Unless something goes wrong, I (Anarchisme) am getting top surgery on April 5th. This could possibly slow down rolls while I recover, especially since this is during the April Fool's event, which as some of you know is absolutely our best event. I'll do my best to be here when I can but like I might need to chill. Sorry in advance!

- Anarchisme



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