January 22 2023

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Some brief Multispecies news! Stuff about an upcoming sale, and a free B-NOMALY claim!


It's the year of the rabbit! Happy Lunar New Year! I don't want to profit on this celebration, so no adoptable, but I do want to give out some little tokens of appreciation to y'all for being in the community. c: I've set up a prompt that grants a silver token and an anarchic fogshard token, it'll be available until February! Go ahead and pick up your free bun stuff.

Multispecies news (sale)

The Early-In-The-Year Semi And MYO Sale will be taking place from May 5-July 5! It was originally going to take place from March-April, but Ketucari is holding a sale around then, and I don't want to compete. Hope you enjoy when it comes around! Here's the last sale if you want to review prices!

That's all for now! See you soon!

- Anarchisme



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