December 3 2022

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We've got a few bits of news around today!

First, some quick Multispecies news - the Semi/MYO Sale will be ending soon, on December 5th! If you have anything you still want to get, check that out!

Rixixi News

Due to a worrying ?glitch? on dA that temporarily disabled multiple links in comments (they're back now), more things have been moved to Nsk Net/Chasmhome.

  • All Story Modes are now on Nsk Net!
  • The Adoption Center has been fully ported to Chasmhome! A Getting Started page will be made eventually because this page needs more visibility on it, and so do some other things like the free gifts. I'm just not sure how to word a Getting Started page so I'll be consulting my fellow admins on how to do it.
  • The Use Items page will be ported soon, but I need to figure out what I'm doing with Free Parking/test raffles for it, figure out if B-NOMALIES need to be on the Use Items page or if Seraph's covers everything, and so on.
  • Design Approval is staying on dA on this time unless something breaks because I really don't want to port all genos into MYOs. that's uh that's genuinely the reason

I've honestly been meaning to do this for a while and this just kind of sped me up a bit v:


B-NOMALY sales are now conducted exclusively through the B-NOM sales thread and not on dA! Adoptable posts will go up on dA and Weasyl (if posted by Anar and not a guest artist, guest artists can post wherever) The S-OLSTICE B-NOMs for this year are starting to go up today, so keep an eye out for bunes!

That's it for now! Happy December, more coming soon!

- Anarchisme



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