October 30 2022

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It's the night before Halloween, and we have a little treat for you!

Rixixi News

A Euphoria wish was made for a Halloween treat for everyone! As a result, a Marshmallow, Hard Candy, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate have been distributed to all users! Enjoy the candy, and if you want more, the Treat for Trick barter is still open and accepting rocks!

Additionally, a Lucida wish caused an item to be released off the to-do list without item art! The Picnic Basket item (originally suggested by Lucifers-Law-Inc on dA) is a lootbox that drops food items that grant permanent stats! It'll drop 5 of them at a time. The Picnic Basket can be created through crafting! Usually crafting items have item art when they launch, but there was kind of nothing else to grant this wish better than the Picnic Basket, so uh, it launched early, haha.

Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

- Anarchisme



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