October 9 2020

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Smallish news post today, involving both B-NOMALY and Rixixi! C:


There's a seasonal prompt going on for all of October! You can do the Fridge Werebun prompt to get a Bunshifter: Fridge Parasite item along with the usual B-NOMALY prompt items! There's also a Trick or Treat! prompt that's available year round but especially relevant now - it's a regular B-NOM prompt, so it doesn't have any extra items attached, but if you're in a seasonal mood it might be fun, y'know? <: Have fun, be a monster if you like, enjoy yourself!

Since I forgot to announce Fridge Werebun at the start of October (I'm sorry! I had it on an automatic timer with Lorekeeper but then I had amnesia.), I've extended it a week into November - it was originally just through October. I hope this helps, sorry about my nonsense!

A note that might be useful - if you're in both B-NOMALY and Rixixi, you can stack the B-NOMALY Trick or Treat prompt with the Rixixi Trick or Treat Fall Festival prompt in the same image!


Phoenix update 11 has come out, and there's two new free backgrounds!

You can apply these to any Ixi at Import Updates!

That's all for now, enjoy!

- Anarchisme



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