September 22 2022 - Fall Festival

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Summer Festival time!

The Fall is a season of remembrance. Those reincarnated from the leyline and moved on to a new life are remembered. Those passed on - as ghosts can die in the Leyline, it is not a place without dangers - are remembered. Loved ones who never made it to the Leyline in the first place, instead passing to a different afterlife or ghostly existence altogether, are remembered. The Leyline can be a lonely place sometimes.The Mortal world is traversed in fall to gather some trinkets of the season. Fallen leaves, mushrooms, plentiful harvests - with consent on that one, no use depriving anyone of their food. The fall goods are taken to resting places and memorial sites of the deceased, where they are left as offerings with kind words. In loving memory.

FAll Changelog

  • This Fall's new starter is Migration, a Funerary and Chasm Fae! They have two new genes for us!
  • New gene: Sylvan - a rare gene that can look like a butterfly's wings or a leaf! (A butterfly gene was suggested by Ace574 )
  • New gene: Erosion - The edge of a marking becomes mottled in texture!! (Suggested by Ace574 )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and another strange creature from the Couloir has appeared - the Crow. DO NOT LISTEN TO IT.
    Raid points have also been very slightly changed - Leg Hunting against the creature now does stack with depicting the creature!
  • Dwarf Primal fall items are not yet available because I'm having some medical trouble and needed to cut back on something. They'll be out soon! Sorry for the delay!

I'll be rolling over the shop and everything else using seasonals very soon!

- Anarchisme



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