June 30 2022

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Hello! Just a few updates on how the uploads are going, as well as an update involving Pride Month! If you're on the Discord, you've likely seen all these updates!

Pride Month:

Has been extended to the end of the day on July 9th! The chasm event, that is - I do not have the authority to officially extend Pride Month the IRL thing. I would do unwise things if I had this power.

Rixixi Uploads, and some site updates:

  • At the time of this news post, we're in April of 2019, and at RXX-380. I'm hoping to get to RXX-400 tonight, which is  IA CACH AZ-OKH/IA AEHT/HARK IX'X IMRIRI (The Leviathan).
  • We now have Nicknames and Gender/Pronouns on character profiles! The Nicknames section is being filled in on upload, the Gender/Pronouns section is not even if there's pronouns listed in bio, because I don't want to reformat your bios or assume how you want to handle things. Go ahead and mess with those!
  • There was a genocorecollapse/genosupernova that resulted in us needing to edit the site. To avoid editing the site further, please keep your Rixixi at around 50 genes or less! Technically the limit is actually 63 or so genes, depending on how long the genes' names are, but 50 is a much rounder number and leaves a lot more space. This is not an official limit right now, but it is a request! If we get more genocorecollapses, it may become an official rule. The site just can't handle geno strings that are that long.
  • Character profiles have been lengthened to the point that you could feasibly put the bee movie script in them, or DOOM encoded as text. We do not actually recommend putting these things in there, but the length limit does allow it. You can put massive character histories in there with no problem!

I'm gonna go back to that. Remember, if your Rixixi is uploaded with an issue and it isn't fixed within like 10 minutes, send in a bug report! (Note that Rixixi with a lot of aexented forms/chameleons may take more than 10 minutes to fully upload)

- Anarchisme



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