September 22 2020

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Rixixi has officially updated to Fall, and there's been some significant changes in how the festivals are being handled, so here's a quick rundown of what those changes are!


Fall Changelog

  • Festival Events are now hosted on Lorekeeper! You can find the Fall 2020 events easily at this link! I have seasonal events sorted to the top of the the prompts because events, so you'll probably see them pretty easily if you just check out the prompts at all!
  • Most RNG aspects have been removed from event loot - I got tired of not giving people stuff. Fond Memories are now guaranteed instead of being a 50% chance, and the RNG for FM: Chasm has been removed from Chipper's events - you can just choose from any Fond Memories in a Chipper event now, including Chasm. The Special Starters in Chipper events do still run on RNG - Check out Trick or Treat! | Fall 2020 to see how we're running this on Lorekeeper!
  • There's still a dA hub with a little bit of story, because I kind of like having a small hub that points over here, but it was just getting hard to handle everything and all the events.
  • Rat Tail (+Rat) has been implemented as a common fur length mutation! Since there haven't been any other gene releases, the Meteor Showers 2020 Chrono set has been extended to December 21, and Rat Tail has been retroactively added to it!

I think that's it! Have fun, happy fall! There's the Medic release coming soon as well as some more plans in the works! c:

- Anarchisme



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