November 20 2021

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Hello! We have some

Multispecies NEws

Major Breeding Update!

Breeding for all breedable species (Rixixi, B-NOMALY, and Mechanix) has been moved off dA! An info page can be found here, and a general prompt can be found here! If any info is unclear, please let me know - most of the information is copied straight from the dA pages and so I may have missed something that needed touching up. Everything should be the same for the most part other than consolidating the info into one page and moving the prompt, though.

Rixixi and B-NOMALY can now crossbreed as of this update! Information on that can be found at this page! To crossbreed, you'll need a breedable Ixi and a B-NOM (or slots), and a breeding ticket for the B-NOM! Not all genes are available, some will not pass if it doesn't exist on the other species, while some genes just pass as something else that's similar - this is detailed on the linked page!

With this update,  B-NOMALY NPCs can officially be used in any breeding freely, but the resulting eggs will not be considered canon for them!

As a note related to breeding, as Rixixi will be transferred to the site soon (and their breeding comments with them), dA breeding comments will still be considered valid and will be mirrored on-site!

A known bug:

The default character order in each user's own character page seems to have been randomized somehow. We're not sure how this happened, but we're looking into it. In the meantime, if this isn't something you're okay with or if you just want to sort your characters, you can manually sort your characters at this page!


Apologies for the mood drop, but we would like to remind Chasmhome players to be kind to each other - this goes for your fellow players as well as interactions between players and admins. Please show respect for others, including things like differences in cultural backgrounds and gender presentation/identity. If there is a concern, you can reach out to us. We would like this to be a welcoming place for all sorts of folks.

That's it for now! As a small heads up, I may be a bit scarce on the admin front for a short time as I focus on art - things have been chaotic and stressful for a bit and I haven't had time to work on things I need to do as much as I'd like. Thanks, see you soon with more!

Update Nov. 22:

Just a quick update, so I'm using trhe same news post!

  • The Leyline-Connected Achievement is now up! Completing the Leyline-Connected prompt or completing any IHFY event prompt with both a B-NOMALY and a Rixixi will grant the achievement to both the Rixixi and the B-NOMALY! Starters/NPCs can be used for this (and may be useful if you don't have both a Rixixi and a B-NOMALY), but will not be granted the achievement.
  • After some more testing, Seraph's Styling Station has been updated. Alt forms like Bunshifter forms no longer have to be put as a link, they do upload as a new image rather than replacing the main image.

- Anarchisme



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