September 23 2021

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Here's Rixixi's Fall Festival!

Pixie's neck frill stood tall. There was something... off about the woods tonight. Something suspicious. Turning, however, their look of dread turned quickly to a smirk.

"You headed to the party too, Lat?"

The black-and-red Funerary crept in the branches above them, head twisting unnaturally in what Pixie assumed was supposed to be a show of curiosity. Skittering between the trees, Latrodectus descended like a spider until they were almost eye-to-eye with the diminuitive 'Rixixi'. Holding eirself upside down between the boughs, Lat seemed to be pondering.

"I might be. I don't have much of a costume, however," Latrodectus mused. "Speaking of, do you think I should politely decline the Witches' request to come along? They always come as, ah... witches."

Pixie snorted. "You're literally a spider, and the Witches come with snacks. Don't sweat it. Now c'mon, we've got a rift to catch."


Fall Changelog

  • Today's new starter is Latrodectus, a Funerary! Ey're a black widow spider.
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • As previously mentioned, there aren't new seasonal items this year to make time for more updates. As a result, all past fall items are available in the Event prompts - there's a selection of three in Picking Pumpkins and Costume Party, and Fall Radiation is available as a bonus prompt in Endless Night.
  • I realized that I forgot to put the Funerary summer items out at any point during summer, so I'm going to be working on doing Summer and Fall's seasonal items for Funeraries over a week of time! I can probably do this, as I already got one summer and one fall item prepped fairly quickly. If I can't get them done in 7 days' time, I'll post what I have done all at once and then just continue on for however long it takes.

I'll be rolling over the shop and everything else using seasonals either a bit later tonight or when I wake up! <:

Coming/Ending Soon

  • As a reminder, the Semi Sale is still going until October 5th! We've got slots, Mechanix, and DIY kits as well!
  • Something very cool is coming with an ETA Around Halloween! Expect more lore and another alt form item!

- Anarchisme



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