September 6 2021

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Rixixi news is here!

Rixixi News

September's Semi Sale went up yesterday! It'll be going until October 5! Sales here will be going towards keeping the site up, if we exceed a needed amount, it'll still be going to the ARPG <:

Mechanix are available for purchase as well! This is a new addition as of this semi sale. The only chip unavailable is Beta Tester.

The New Recruit is open for new entries during this time! If you have an existing entry, please finish that entry before making a new one or request to cancel the old one. Thank you!

Funerary Updates:

Coming Soon:

  • More Funerary (of course)!
  • Factions in beta?? This may not happen at the next update, but it only needs some double-checking of things and uhhhh for the shops to actually be properly stocked v:

See you soon!

- Anarchisme



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