August 22 2021

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Mostly Rixixi News here!

Rixixi News

Funerary Updates

The following things have been released for Funerary:

Coming up next is most likely more basic muts, X-NOM muts, and Problems! Apparel tied to a skill takes priority over apparel not tied to a skill.


Nemo has arrived as an NPC! Including Nemo in an activity allows you to request any item that could roll in that activity. This item will roll, but replaces your main roll. (Pack Cats, Tail Bags, etc still roll.)

Nemo was fired from the AexLabs due to poor lab safety. He'll show up in a future event!

More (Multispecies):

Rules Ported

The Rixixi rules have been ported to the Lorekeeper and reworded to work as Chasmhome rules as a whole. They may be edited in the future to work better with the other species, but they have been edited a bit already. They now contain clarifications on timing-related rules as well (chasmjumping timing, kellas cat timing, monthlies, etc) because I just... didn't have a good place to put those all in one location otherwise V:

Coming Soon:
  • More B-NOM adoptables! There's a set in the works based on carnivorous plants.
  • Rixixi Semi Sale on September 5th!

- Anarchisme



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