June 20 2021

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Summer fest is up!


Aurri sighed in relief as they plopped into the Cach, summer finishing its circuit behind them. Another year of changing the seasons went well, and now it was time to relax. As they swam lazy circles in the water, an odd glimmer caught their eye. A hint of blue fizzling in and out in a cave mouth - not like a normal blue from light shining down, but something iridescent and bold. As Aurri prowled closer, the shine faded, a silhouette taking its place.

That was even more interesting.

Excited now, Aurri darted up to the stranger, finding a creature about their height. The being looked mostly like a Rixixi, their masked face tilting side to side at Aurri's sudden appearance, mantle - they had a mantle too! - giving a curious flick. Suddenly, their hands raised, shaping dozens of words with their entire arms swiftly.

"Oh, uh, friend, sorry, I don't know Nskanetian Sign," Aurri crossed their arms in an X - 'no' was the only word they actually remembered.

The friend covered the mouth of their mask with both hands as if covering a blush, then nodded enthusiastically. They put a hand to their chest and bowed. "Aya."

"Oh, nice to meet you! I'm Aurri," The skyburn Ixi grinned.

Aurri made to wave, but Aya took their paw suddenly and began swimming. Aurri laughed, rushing along with their new aquatic friend, Aya pointing out anything colorful or enticing and Aurri just along for the ride...


Summer Changelog

  • Today's new starter is Anayahar, a Funerary! Zie is an energetic friend seeking more friends.
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • Funeraries have been released with Phoenix Update 18 (here's the lore)! This is the Leyline-based subspecies, and is currently in beta (doesn't have mutations, etc) - I'll put up a beta checklist ?probably tomorrow? to track progress on that.
  • A Funerary Rixixi naturally has Ray (+Ray), Leyline (+Ley) (Nonpassable), Partial Translucence (+ParTluc), and Frill (+Frill), and will not show these in their genotype, but can pass them to other subspecies (except Leyline). Funeraries can naturally pass Ghost (+Ghost) even if they do not have the mutation (both to other Funeraries and different subspecies). A Funerary can appear in a breeding via combo mutation breeding if both Leyline (+Ley) and Ghost (+Ghost) appear in the same breeding.
    Funeraries have blue blood (any shade of blue) by default, and their mask can be customized or designed from scratch if desired. The mask can be considered an optional free 1x Accessory locked to the "face".
  • As previously mentioned, there aren't new seasonal items this year to make time for more updates. As a result, all past spring items are available in the Event prompts - there's a selection of three in Beach Buns and Summer Haunting Having A Blast, and Summer Radiation is available as a bonus prompt in Wave Rider.

I'll be rolling over the shop and everything else using seasonals in a bit! I just kind of need to take a bit to chill and also to roll a couple Lunar Barters first.

- Anarchisme



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