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Story: Prologue: The Lost | Interlude: An Interrupted Solstice | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 TBA
Prompts: The Lost Event Prompt | Leyline-Connected: Chipper and the Harbinger (Multispecies Prompt) | Chapter 1 Prompt | Chapter 2 Prompt

IHFY Chapter 2 is finally up! I'm so sorry for the delay - life got ridiculously chaotic, but I've been chipping away at this and here it is!

An important heads up - IHFY Chapter 2 contains intense body horror in some of the possible paths. To avoid it, choose the "Escape" path. The body horror is located in the "Consider Options" and "Confront" paths. The body horror in it is a bit more intense than the usual Rixixi body horror and so I've put this warning on the Hub and on the prompt itself as well.

If it's not quite clear, the very first choice in the storyline is whether or not you're going with the Mymberless path or not - this isn't a massive change, but there are some narration differences - a bit more than just whether there's a Mymber!

Have fun! I'm going to be aiming to release last month's Phoenix release next, which wound up being delayed due to Chaos, IHFY prep, and because it's the beta of the Funerary subspecies - so that should be fun to get out there!

- Anarchisme



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