June 1 2021

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Pride Month is back in Rixixi!

Rixixi News

The main Pride Hub is on Nsk Net, and the prompts are over here this year!

As usual, there's an art entry prompt where you can show your Rixixi with their loved ones! It doesn't have to be romantic love - taking your close friends, family, emotional support of any species, etc are all valid! Showing your Rixixi expressing who they are is also valid! Come on down and hang out however you like, just be awesome to each other.

You can opt in to being part of a group image at the end of the event - examples are featured in the hub, but also, here was last year's!

There's also an item barter where you can get one Pride Blend a day by trading in a water! Roy needs at least some of the materials covered, but is happy to supply! If you need more Pride Blends, they drop rarely in any loot-dropping activity in June!

Have fun and be awesome! There's something else coming up soon - hopefully tomorrow or so, depending on how long it takes to set up!

- Anarchisme



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