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Story: Prologue: The Lost | Interlude: An Interrupted Solstice | Chapter 1 | Chapters 2-3 TBA
Prompts: The Lost Event Prompt | Leyline-Connected: Chipper and the Harbinger (Multispecies Prompt) | Chapter 1 Prompt

Karma is officially active in Rixixi as I'm Here For You Chapter 1 launches! You awake in a strange blue place. Why are you here? You don't recall. Perhaps there's some overarching phenomenon going on, but you're certainly too busy down here surrounded by mist and fog to know that. Lucky for you, you have a mymber to guide you, so at least you've got that going for you.

Read up on Karma here for how to increase your Karma during an event! Your Rixixi's Karma will be stored in this sheet, your User Karma will be stored on Lorekeeper!

New NPC - Aihuu - They don't mention their name in IHFY, but since they're a NPC, they needed a name. It's pronounced like a deep breath. Including Aihuu on a trip to the Leyline will protect your Ixi from the Cursed temporary condition! They're here for you.

"New" NPCs: Jim and Jinn - they've been waiting on a ref for like 2 years now. I'll figure out how best to make them interactable in Lorekeeper like they were in HTBD! I've got plans for them.

Here There Be Dragons will be moved to Lorekeeper soon as well, and it will grant Karma during the Karma Season.


There's also a semi sale going on right now too. Check it out! I'm going to make a dA journal linking to it so that folks can comment on the journal if there's any trouble with commenting/lorekeeper stuff while the sale is active.

See you soon with barters (gonna have some karma flavor!) and hopefully some more story modes being moved to Chasmhome.

- Anarchisme



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