January 11 2021

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Hey, we've got some Rixixi news today!

Rixixi News


When passing between two forked trees, a strangely silent doorway, or through another Space Between, some people have reported the shadows leaning into them, a blue mist swirling at the corner of their eyes. Some have gone missing, and only a few have turned up later. Fewer yet come back with their face.

The Leyline is now explorable due to Phoenix Update 14! (Phoenix Lore here!)

Turn in Explorations here - Read about Canon Worlds here

As this is the Nskanetian land of the dead, it comes with some risks - that is to say, a unique Temporary Condition, Cursed. Unlike other Temporary Conditions, Cursed rolls at an uncommon rate - however, it will only appear in the Leyline, and will only restrict the Rixixi from traveling to the Leyline until cured. It can be cured with a Funerary Mask item, which has been added to the First Aid kit! Any user who has previously redeemed the Temporary Conditions Starter Pack has received a Funerary Mask.

You might notice two of the immunities in the Temporary Conditions list for Cursed currently don't exist! Those will be implemented in the next Phoenix release.

Several items have been added with the release of the Leyline - more will be coming in the future, but for launch, the new items are:

  • Shuck's Bushel - Berries native to the Leyline
  • Leywine - Fermented Shuck's Bushel and questionable chemical substances, tastes like embalming fluid. Some Leyline locals find it nostalgic. Permanent +50 to a random stat but causes an instant debuff due to being a hard liquor.
  • Hagfish - Hagfish! I'll be adding hagfish slime in the future.
  • Eel - Suggested by Ace574 ! I love eels.
  • Leystone - It's the "pure" form of Corecracker Lodestone, and can be broken down into it.
  • Leyline Barghest - A very common threat in the Leyline.
  • Funerary Mask - Doesn't drop in the Leyline, but still a newly added item. Created via crafting.

The Leyline is a major part of the I'm Here For You event, and you'll be seeing more of it in the Rixixi side of the event soon! There may be some more delay than expected getting it out - hopefully not much, will give an update if needed! I am a walking medical drama right now.


Barters have cycled! Apologies for the delay, there was some IRL stuff going on.

- Anarchisme



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