December 21 2020

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Happy Solstice! Rixixi has cycled over to Winter, but there's also a bit of B-NOMALY news in this since we're having a multispecies event!

(The next update for The Lost should be out later today, but might be delayed a bit due to IRL stuff. Should be really soon though!)

Multispecies News

One of the Winter Festival prompts is a multispecies prompt! Check out Leyline-Connected: Chipper and the Harbinger if you'd like to do some B-NOMALY + Rixixi interaction! As it involves depicting two different species, its rewards are doubled from the usual B-NOM prompt/Winter Festival currency, and it grants 20 seasonal currency (Rixixi) and 2 Silver Tokens (B-NOMALY)!

Rixixi News

Winter Changelog

  • The Harbinger of the Funeral Pyre has arrived - another Ghost starter. While they are a standard, they have the full Primal Blood set and can throw Primals at combo mut chances.
  • There's still a little story and hub on dA!
  • And here's a direct link to the Events prompts!
  • The Harbinger has a new gene - Blaze (nBlz/BlzBlz), an uncommon gene! This will be appearing in Chrono Shards from December 21, 2020 until April 21, 2021.
  • As there is no new gene to add to Supercharged Chrono Shards, I'm randomizing a past date to pull from for both regular and supercharged chrono shards as well, and it is October 24, 2019. December 21 2020 - April 21 2021 Charged Chrono shards will also have Gallus Face, Drake Scales, Fissure, Mojave, and Dullahan. The Supercharged Chrono shards will have Shield Wings and Lava Lamp. I'll be adding this to the Chrono page soon!
  • As previously mentioned, there aren't new seasonal items this year to make time for more updates. As a result, all past winter items are available in the Event prompts - there's a selection of three in Around the World and Time to Chill, and Winter Radiation is available as a bonus prompt in Dragon Sighting.

Also, Barters

Myrk's seasonal deal is in, and so is Fang! The faction T1 prompts have been cycled!

Gonna go cycle Myrk's shop out and other seasonal item changes!

- Anarchisme



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