August 16 2020

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Hello! Today we have news mostly regarding B-NOM MYOs and Rixixi barters! Going with last update's rule of doing the faster thing first, here's your Rixixi news:

Rixixi Announcements:


Barters (Art, Item, and Faction Tier 1) have cycled! They'll cycle out again in 2 weeks (2 AM Eastern on August 30th)!

Of note is Myrk's Seasonal Sale! This will usually show up for two weeks at the beginning of each season, but as it didn't show up at the beginning of summer (as Eclipse had made it so that Barters temporarily didn't exist over on dA at the time), it's going to be around for the rest of the summer and the first barter cycle of Fall!

B-NOMALY Announcements:


B-NOMALY MYOs and Customs are now hosted on Lorekeeper! The design approval phase is still done via Seraph's Styling Station on deviantArt, but it's easier to hold the MYOs over here. If you have an account here and any MYOs/customs, you should have your MYOs/customs attached to your account now (if not, please put in a claim or inventory transfer prompt saying so!) - future members signing up who have an existing B-NOM inventory will have their MYOs taken care of in inventory transfer.

MYO purchases are now handled through a prompt that's linked in the B-NOMALY Labs' Shop! Prices have been slightly reworked - most things Mutant and B-Class are cheaper now. A-NOMALY prices pretty much stayed the same. Token purchases are the main way to get MYOs, so I wanted to make them a bit easier to get!


A small update - Archived B-NOMALY Prompts are now referred to as the Prompt Library, so that at a quick glance it doesn't look like they're inactive.

Lorekeeper Misc.:

It should be visually clearer when you've selected something in add-ons! Hopefully this will help with accidentally leaving things blank due to lag and other internet-based misfortune.

Thank you have fun I am going to think of all the ways I can bun more




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