December 6 2020

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Hello! I've got a bunch of Rixixi news for you today!

Rixixi News


Barters have cycled - it's roughly the last barter cycle before the Solstice, so Lunar's barter is in! You can get anything in the shop for the price of one Fallen Leaf, once every other day! This barter is known for its wild comments, so stop by if you've got spare leaves! The current art barter has a bunch of soups and smoothies available for those interested in sparring!


There are two new companions out:

  • Anareizh's Patron - A snake! Grants one healing from Temporary Conditions per week. Can be bought at Anareizh's Shrine.
  • Barghest - a fierce canine that can assist in hunting and legendary hunting! Appears on Earth and in some Hunting drops.

You can find alternate skins on the Companions page!

Shrines In General

All Nskanetian Shrines are handled through a Lorekeeper prompt now! There have been a few updates to shrines due to this.

  • Lucida and the Messenger's shrine are on Nsk Net now!
  • Anareizh has obtained 2 new skills that can be purchased at their shrine:
    • Field Medic - 30% resistance to temp. conditions, grants resistance to all others in pieces with this Ixi
    • Antivenom - temporary resistance to Damage over Time in combat
  • Thoriane has obtained a new skill that can be purchased at her shrine:
    • Smuggling - allows +1 equippable to be brought into combat; multiturn skills work for +1 turn

Phoenix Update 13

I think it's 13 at least?

That's it for now! I'm still planning on making a larger post detailing what the plans are for this upcoming year but here's a small leak:

There may be a Karma Season (smaller than HTBD) coming surprisingly soon?

- Anarchisme



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