September 28 2023 - Desolated Wrapup and Changelog

Posted 9 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by Anarchie

After searching the Desolated World for its inhabitants, its true name was discovered - the Couloir - as well as the Eye's true identity. With this fading into the past as we speak, what's going to happen next?

  • The Couloir is now an explorable world! Check the Canon Worlds page for more information. If you have any leftover ideas or art that you didn't get to use for Desolated, please feel free to use them as Couloir explorations! They work basically the same, except you get less lore back now. You also no longer have to depict your Ixi in PPE, but if you do this, it's guaranteed that you'll get 2 levels of radiation poisoning. (There is an item to override this)
  • There is now a hazard warning for both the Couloir and the Leyline on the Canon Worlds page due to their ability to cause temp conditions by existing.
  • New items (these were all obtainable in Desolated) - Black Fruit, Black Root, Sand-Dusted Coin, Mymber & Couler Dolls, Discarded PPE, Meat Fruit, Anti-Rad PatchCouler, Mismi
  • New crafting recipe: Black Wood Armor
  • New kitchen recipe: Black Forest Black Forest Cake
  • The chasm-connected bestiary now lists Coulers, Couloir Gigafauna/Megafauna, and Ketixi (oops i forgot,)
  • The companions page has been updated to list all Couloir Gigafauna/Megafauna together.
  • Pages with fixed images: Crafting, Kitchen, Bestiary, Companions, Canon Worlds, all Common genes. (I know I said the genes were first but uh, I was there changing stuff anyways? V: genes are next.)

I'm off to roll the last of the Desolated rolls! I hope you enjoyed the lore!

I'll be making a lore page soon so people can actually... backread lore. It's coming soon, promise <:

- Anarchisme



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