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The primary sapient species of the Couloir, extremophiles having adapted to an extreme environment. Coulers are typically considered fauna, but are actually made up of plant matter, and perform photosynthesis and chemosynthesis (albeit when they need to move long distances, they tend to consume meat). Coulers are highly intelligent, and while they tend to be wary of strangers due to their harsh world, they help each other - how else are you going to survive and thrive?


Exploring: Rare in the Couloir
Rolls low.


  • Companion! Can be equipped to a Rixixi and grant that Rixixi its ability. Companions can be equipped, unequipped, and moved between Rixixi at will with no ill effect.


Companion Ability:
Couler: If the sun is depicted or described as being out in the art for the roll, This companion can add on an entire additional roll (including seasonal item returns) to its companion Rixixi whenever the Rixixi it is attached to is depicted in any loot-dropping activity! The additional roll will be rolled with base stats rather than the Rixixi's stats, as the Couler is picking up the items rather than the Rixixi.